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Terms and Conditions

Chariots Obligations

Chariots undertake:

To make the Motor Car available to the customer for the Contract Period together with the service of a duly licensed driver. To ensure that the Motor Car is duly licensed and insured and is roadworthy and complies with the requirements of the Road Traffic Acts and all regulations made under such Acts.


The Customer shall pay Chariots for the use of the Motor Car and driver at the rate provided in the Schedule. Unless otherwise stated, admission charges, meals, accommodation and parking charges for special events are not included in the quoted price.

Any requested deposit must be paid by the date stated and payment in full must be made before the date of hire. Chariots reserve the right to charge interest on any outstanding sum at the rate of 4% per annum above the base rate of National Westminster Bank PLC from time to time from the due date which payment is received.

Use of Vehicle

Unless confirmed in writing by Chariots the Motor Car should not be assumed to remain at any point between the outward and return journeys nor to remain available for the Customer’s incidental use when parked at such points.

The Motor Car shall be at the Customer’s disposal during the Contract Period for the carriage of the Customer and (subject to the carrying capacity of the Motor Car not being exceeded) the Customer’s nominees. Provided that the Motor Car shall not be used otherwise than on public roads except on private driveways leading to a dwelling house or place of public resort and being of reasonable standard.

The Customer shall not require Chariots or the driver of the Motor Car to break or use the Motor Car so as to break any provision of the Road Traffic Acts, the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, The Vehicle (Excise) Act 1971 and any regulations made under such acts or any other statutory enactments from time to time in force.

The driver is responsible for the safety of the Motor Car. Any passenger whose conduct is in breach of statutory regulations or may in the sole opinion of the driver, be harmful to the Motor Car, the driver, other occupants of the Motor Car or other road users, may be removed from the Motor Car or prevented from boarding on the driver’s authority. The Customer will be responsible for the conduct of passengers and for any damage caused to the Motor Car by the passengers during the hire.

No animals may be carried without the prior agreement of Chariots.


Chariots gives any advice on journey time in good faith but does not guarantee the completion of any journey in any specific time and will not be liable for any loss, delay or inconvenience caused by the actual time of the journey. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, this includes, without limitation, delays caused by any breakdown of any Motor Car.

Limitation of Chariots liability

Chariots liability in respect of any failure to provide any service under this agreement shall be limited to the amount of the hire charge payable to Chariots in respect of the period of such failure. Chariots shall not be liable for any pecuniary or consequential loss allegedly arising from any breach of this agreement by Chariots.

Cancellation by Customer

In the event of cancellation by the Customer, Chariots reserves the right to retain any deposit. The Customer shall be liable to Chariots for any losses incurred by Chariots as a result of the cancellation or part cancellation but not exceeding the full cost of the hiring.

Cancellation by the Operator

In the event of any emergency or force majeure or of any action by the Customer to vary the agreed conditions unilaterally, Chariots may, by returning all money paid and without further or other liability, cancel the contract.

The Customer acknowledges that the Motor Car hired under this agreement may be a vintage motor vehicle which may, as a result of its age and condition, due to circumstances beyond the control of Chariots, cease to be available. In such cases Chariots will offer a substitute car as close to the relevant specification as possible at the same price to the Customer for the Contract Period. The Customer may, at its discretion, refuse to accept such a substitute car and in such a case Chariots will return to the Customer any money paid under this Agreement and shall have no other liability to the customer.

Agency arrangements

Where Chariots hires in any vehicles from another operator at the Customer’s request and where Chariots arranges ancillary features such as meals, accommodation, ferries, admission tickets or any other service provided by another supplier it does so as agents for and on behalf of the Customer. Any terms or conditions imposed by such other suppliers on Chariots shall be binding on the Customer as if he had directly contracted to such services.

Passenger property

The driver is the sole arbiter as to the carriage of passenger’s luggage and its storage. Chariots will not accept liability for any damage to or loss or any property left in the Motor Car by a Customer or its nominees. All articles of lost property recovered from the Motor Car will be held by Chariots at (Merlins, Uckfield Road, Ringmer, Lewes, BN8 5RU).

Written confirmation

Any alteration to these terms will be effective only if confirmed in writing.


Any complaint in respect of Chariots services should be made in writing to Merlins, Uckfield Road, Ringmer, Lewes, BN8 5RU within 21 days.

English Law

This contract is governed by English Law and the parties submit to the non exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.